The magic Butterfly-Theatre

When dreams grow wings!

Pico the magician proudly presents his magical butterflies and their graceful dance. Nobody can withstand their powerful play full of light and elegance. With their wonderful, colourfully illuminated and artistic wings these giant figures will outshine and impress all guests.

Pico introduces the spectators to a magical world, his glowing sceptre dictates the fabulous creatures’ dance. The streets turn into a stage and the encounter becomes an unforgettable experience.

This unique performance is the newest act of CIRCOLOS’ stiltwalking theatre.

Infos und Downloads

  • Number of characters: 2 or 3
  • The magic Butterfly-Theatre is the biggest and most impressive production of the Circolo-Stiltwalkers Team from Germany.
  • Convince yourself of this unique performance! As a walking act and street-theater, it unfolds its effect both during the day and in the dark.
  • They are a fantastic highlight for all kinds of events – booking is easy: worldwide!