The Confettis

What a great fun!

Not to be overlooked: the huge Confettis are causing a stir! Brightly colored, prickly and full of unlimited playing fun, these are the new crazy characters of the stilt-theater CIRCOLO.

Charming, cheeky, silly or wild, you never know what’s next. But one thing is certain: They make everyone laugh with their wonderful nonsense … and the next moment they catch their breath when they (apparently) lose their balance!

They’re just nonsense, aren’t they? Yes! But at the highest level. The professional actors, comedians and artists of the group have developed the fun interactive street theater on stilts into an international top walking act.

Infos und Downloads

  • Production: The Confettis
  • Number of Performers: 1-3
  • Hight of Stiltwalkers: approx 3 m.
  • Booking for festivals, events, kids, families, entertainment